Hotel Dieu Grace is making getting clean easier

Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / FotoMaximum

Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare is reporting its withdrawal management program is getting good results.

The program was officially launched in June and hospital officials said in just a few short months, it has already assisted 52 clients in the community get clean.

Individuals battling an addiction spend time at Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare while they recover.

It’s a 20-bed, non-medical, men and women’s facility that has helped hundreds of residents safely withdraw from drugs and alcohol.

The program gives people 16 or older the option to withdraw from drugs or alcohol in the comfort of their own home or in another safe, supportive environment.

Clients get help with pre-withdrawal planning, active withdrawal monitoring, achieving stabilization, aftercare, and more.

The program also has staff in Leamington to make addiction treatment more accessible in the Leamington area.