Damage from a storm Tuesday, September 25 2018 (Photo courtesy of Carol Lamb)

Comber-area family cleaning up severe storm damage

While Environment Canada has said there was no tornado Tuesday night, a Comber-area family is not so sure.

Strong winds during Tuesday’s storms destroyed a machine shed on Carol Lamb’s father’s farm on Lakeshore Rd. 311, just east of Hwy. 77.

Damage from a storm Tuesday, September 25 2018 (Photo courtesy of Carol Lamb)

Damage from a storm Tuesday, September 25, 2018 (Photo courtesy of Carol Lamb)

While cleaning up the damage Thursday morning, Lamb told BlackburnNews.com the wind was strong enough to bend aluminum around a wooden pole.

“We can see the steel scattered right across the bean field,” said Lamb. “We can see it’s wrapped around a tree, two farms down from here, and there’s debris out in that farm field.”

And, there appears to be a clear path of damage too.

“We can kinda see a path where, on County Rd. 8, a lady lost her shed that was right beside her house. It’s gone. Two trees that were down across the road, and then it seems it came right in on an angle and got this building [the machine shed], and took a tree down kind of an angle across the road,” she said.

Lamb said she has spoken with Environment Canada.

Lamb admitted she got a message on her phone but did not go down into her basement. She said she took the storm for granted, something she will not do in the future.

“It makes you realize that when that goes off, you want to pay attention,” she said. “It wasn’t a storm as bad as a lot of storms we’ve had here. Like, it was torrential rain, and there was wind, but it wasn’t like we were thinking this is really bad.”

Environment Canada Meteorologist Peter Kimball said the storm did leave a path of damage from Amherstburg to Tilbury.