Heavy rainfall. (Photo courtesy © Can Stock Photo Inc. / sarah_jane)

No tornado, but Windsor smashed a rainfall record

Environment Canada says Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent were spared a tornado during Tuesday night’s storm, but there was some wind damage.

Meteorologist Peter Kimball says it was reported in a stretch from Amherstburg to Chatham.

“Mostly branches and trees down,” he said. “Limited damage, thankfully.”

Environment Canada issued a tornado warning for Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday night, around the same time a similar warning was issued for Monroe County, near Detroit.

While residents may be somewhat used to tornado watches and warnings during the summer, Kimball admitted they are less common in September.

“We have seen tornadoes in September before, very rarely ever seen an EF-2 or greater which made the event in Ottawa last Friday all the more unusual,” he said. “I think the last EF-2 or greater in Canada was in 1898.”

Windsor-Essex did break a record for rainfall during storms Tuesday.

“The record I found was 32 mm in 1945 and 32 mm in 1902, if you can remember that far back,” Kimball said.

Windsor received 47 millimetres of rain.