Unemployment climbs in Windsor for third month in a row

(Photo courtesy © Can Stock Photo / NiroDesign)

Statistics Canada says the jobless rate in Windsor climbed to 7.5 per cent in August.

The rate, not adjusted for seasonal changes, is a 0.8 per cent increase from July. The seasonally adjusted rate rose from 6 per cent in July to 6.6 per cent last month.

By comparison, London’s jobless rate was 5.9 per cent in August, unchanged from July.

The increase mirrors increases in the Ontario and national unemployment rates. Provincially, 5.7 per cent of the labour force was actively looking for a job in August, while nationally the percentage was 6 per cent.

The agency said in its Labour Force Survey for August 2018 a number of factors came into play as the national economy shed 92,000 part-time jobs. Some workers moved from part-time employment to full-time work; there was an increase in the number of full-time positions across the country. Seasonal patterns played a role too.

Ontario bared the brunt of losses in the professional, scientific, technical services industries. Wholesale and retail employment also fell in Ontario and Quebec.

Windsor’s participation rate also continued to increase as more people in the labour pool found work. It was 60.8 per cent last month compared to 60.5 per cent in July, 60.4 per cent in June, 60.3 per cent in May, and 59.3 per cent in April.