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Windsor’s Unemployment And Labour Participation Rates Creep Upward

Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Participation Survey has mixed news for the employment picture in Windsor.

While the labour participation rate inched a tenth of a percent upward in July to 60.5%, the unemployment rate also climbed. It was 6.7%, up from 6.1% from the month before.

Statistics Canada also released the unemployment rate’s three-month average which came out to 6%.

Instead of coming in the lowest last month for labour participation, Windsor came in second from lowest. Only Saguenay, Quebec had a lower labour participation rate at 60%. The highest percentage of people actually employed was in Calgary at 72.8%.

Nationally, the economy added 54,000 jobs in July, most of them part-time. The national unemployment rate shed 0.2% and came in at 5.8%.

Using the same metrics used in the United States, Canada’s jobless rate was 4.8% compared to 3.9% in the U.S., while labour participation was 65.3% in Canada, and 62.9% across the border.

While the number of positions in Saskatchewan and Manitoba fell, there were record increases in Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec.

In Ontario, 61,000 net jobs were added, mostly in education and health care services. That pushed the provincial rate down half a percent to 5.4%.