Downtown Mission Dentist Begins August 13

Windsor's Downtown Mission logo, December 2015. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

The Downtown Mission Dental Clinic is already in high demand and has found its first dentist.

A full-time dentist has been recruited and will begin practise on August 13.

“We have more than 85 people on our wait list and it grows every day. I get emails everyday from people literally crying out for help,” says Ron Dunn, Executive Director. “We have had a great response from the dental community as well, hygienists, assistants, and dentists have reached out and we are coordinating schedules to meet the ramp up in demand.”

Contact the dental clinic at 226-674-4950 to schedule appointments or for information about the services. The clinic is at 875 Ouellette Ave.on the 3rd Floor and offers dental services to those who live in poverty and struggle to make ends meet.

Ontario Oral Health says 2.3 million people in the province cannot afford dental care. The Mission says 1 in 6 people in the Windsor area live in poverty.