Windsor’s Response To Family In Need ‘Amazing’

Amberlee Larocque's car is full of donations for Danielle Marie's family at Queen Victoria Public School on Friday, July 13, 2018. Photo by Alyssa Leonard

A Windsor mom has had her life turned upside down after her home caught fire earlier this week.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, July 10, Windsor mom Danielle Marie learned that her family’s home had caught fire and they had lost everything they owned. According to a GoFundMe┬ápage set up by Marie, she had her children we not home at the time of the fire. Their pet turtle has survived, but unfortunately, their pet snake did not.

Marie is asking for help from the community to find a new place for herself and her three boys, ages 7, 2 and a one-month-old, as well as for anything the Windsor community is willing to donate.

Erin Bordato, a long-time friend of Marie, put out a call on Facebook on Tuesday asking for anyone who can to help out Marie and her family. On Wednesday, she started a Facebook fundraiser. She says she has also posted in a few local mom groups.

“People have been really immediate to donate anything [Marie] has needed for her baby,” said Bordato. “I know she needed a breast pump and we got one for her [within] an hour.”

The principal at Queen Victoria Public School asked for donations to be dropped off at the school Friday morning. Bordato, with the help of her cousin Amberlee Larocque, drove around Windsor on Friday to pick up locations, collecting donated items for the family. They left Queen Victoria with Larocque’s car full of donated items, including five boxes and four bags of clothing.

“Right now I’m storing all the things she doesn’t need immediately in my spare room for her,” says Bordato. “But she will need a lot more of housewares and stuff as she gets closer to finding a house.

“That’s her biggest struggle right now, finding a house.”

Marie and her three boys are being supported by the Red Cross and temporarily living in a hotel.

Bordato says her and Larocque have known Marie since she was about 11 or 12 years old. Bordato’s 8-year-old son and Marie’s 7-year-old are best friends.

Larocque says Marie is looking for a three or four bedroom place for $1,000 plus or $1,300 inclusive.

“She has three boys,” says Larocque. “So obviously we would need space, hopefully, a backyard… someplace they can stay and a call it a forever home.”

Larocque says Marie is someone who does a lot for other people and is glad to see others are now helping her.

“The response has been honestly amazing,” says Larocque.

Bordato and Larocque will continue to collect donations for Marie’s family until they can get back on their feet. The best way to contact them about donations is through Facebook.

As of 1 pm on Friday, Marie’s GoFundMe has raised $705 of it’s $2,000 goal and Bordato’s fundraiser is at $60 of $500.