Erie Shores Health Foundation Launches Lottery To Buy Medical Equipment

Erie Shores Healthcare in Leamington October 29. 2014 file photo. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

The Erie Shores Health Foundation is launching a new strategy to raise money for the hospital and hospice in Leamington.

During the month of September, the foundation will hold a daily draw to give away $49,999. The final draw, the big one, will be for $25,000 on the last day of September.

Executive Director Ross Barnwell says the proceeds will help buy new medical equipment and update diagnostic equipment at Erie Shores Healthcare and the Erie Shores Hospice in Leamington.

“Our main aim with the Erie Shores Hospice is to make sure that no family has to pay for the services provided,” says Barnwell. “The Ministry of Health pays for about 80% for the services and operations. What we do is fundraise for the remaining 20%. In the past two years, since the service has been open, no family has had to pay a dime.”

Tickets are limited. Barnwell says only 3,000 are available.

They can be purchased at Erie Shores Healthcare at the foundation’s office, or online until the last week of August. Barnwell says those who order online will have their tickets shipped out to their home within a few days.

The tickets cost $60 each or two for $100.