The popular street theatre known as 'Buskerville' arrives in August. (Photo by Paul Pedro)

Walkerville Turns Into Buskerville In August

The popular street theatre known as “Buskerville” is just two months away.

The jam-packed weekend on Argyle Rd. and Wyandotte Ave. includes two ticketed 19-plus “Busk At The Brewery” performances on Friday and Saturday at 11pm both days.

Jason Henderson, Executive Director of Buskerville, says the spectacular stunts will be put on by six of the most incredible and unique busking acts in the world.

“You’ll see tricks like juggling, pogo sticking, hula hooping and a lot of fire stuff,” says Henderson.

The festival starts August 10 at 6pm and ends August 12 at 6pm.

Tipping the artists is welcome.

Henderson says Buskerville’s aim is to keep Windsor in the eyes of international performers and make it a world-class festival again.

“In essence what busking is, is stopping someone, making them watch a show that they didn’t really want to see in the first place and make them enjoy it so much that they pay you for it after,” he says.

Henderson says this festival is a reincarnation of “Buskerfest” that has been held in Windsor on and off for three or four decades with a goal to grow it.

“Have a massively-sized festival like it was back in that day probably in the next couple of years,” Henderson says.