Tecumseh Town Hall, April 11, 2017. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Tecumseh Polls Its Businesses For The First Time

Businesses in Tecumseh are being asked to tell the town how they’re doing.

For the first time, Tecumseh is sending a business satisfaction survey to each firm that has set up shop in the town. Over 850 businesses are being asked to participate.

The purpose of the survey is to help administration strengthen connections to businesses as part of a wide-reaching business development plan.

Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara says the input of every business owner is valuable.

“Tecumseh is home to a diverse group of businesses including hundreds of international manufacturing organisations, industrial businesses conducting new and innovative initiatives, as well as various retail operations and restaurants,” said McNamara in a press release. “Our strength comes from the success of our retail, commercial and industrial communities. We want to hear from them on what we are doing right and if necessary, how we might improve.”

The survey is being sent electronically to businesses. The information gathered will be used to generate opportunities in advertising and promotion, as well as share information on government grants.

The deadline to complete the survey is June 30, and the information obtained will be shared at a future town council meeting.

Businesses that did not receive a survey are asked to call town hall at (519) 735-2184. Additional information is available on the town’s official website and app.