Horwath Considering Local MPPs For Cabinet If NDP Wins

NDP leader Andrea Horwath is visiting Windsor-Essex on Wednesday to talk about better dental care for seniors and improving highways. May 30, 2018. (Photo by Paul Pedro)

NDP leader Andrea Horwath visited Windsor-Essex to talk about better dental care for seniors and improving highways.

During her morning stop in Windsor, Horwath recognized the loyalty of Windsor-Essex voters to the NDP and said there’s more than a good chance at least one local MPP will be a cabinet minister based on regional representation, if the New Democrats form the next government.

“They’ll all be considered but it will put me on the spot if I tipped my hand at this point. I think the important thing is to get them elected as MPPs, see what people decide on June 7 and then we’ll take it from there,” said Horwath.

Horwath said Lisa Gretzky, Percy Hatfield, and Taras Natyshak have all done a good job for area families and will be seriously considered when and if the time comes.

“I don’t want to make assumptions about what people might decide on June 7. I’m going to give people the respect of letting them have their say,” she said.

Horwath said building a new Windsor-Essex mega hospital is a priority if she becomes premier but quickly added that the location is up to the community.

“There’s a vigorous local debate about the location of the hospital. What my priority would be, would be to get the hospital up and running and built to serve the people of the area,” she said.

It’s set to be built at County Rd. 42 and Concession 9.

During her visit to Leamington Wednesday afternoon, Horwath committed to widening Hwy. 3 between Leamington and Essex. Municipal councils in the region have been pleading for several years to make it safer as 60% of crashes on that road are deemed to be critical.