Masse Not Impressed By $1B Surplus At Passport Office

Windsor-West NDP MP Brian Masse, September 9, 2015. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

Windsor West MP Brian Masse is calling for an audit of the Passport Office after a report showed it had a $1-billion surplus.

Masse has introduced a private member’s motion calling on Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Ahmed Hussen. He wants to make sure Canadians can get their passport at the lowest possible cost and that passport processing fees do not generate surplus revenue.

A letter to Hussen demands the Passport Office remain revenue neutral.

The surplus has accumulated since 2013 when the cost of processing a passport increased.

“These price increases were supposedly put into place by the former Conservative Government to cover a $5 price loss from each Canadian passport processed,” says Masse. “Instead, they increased the cost of a passport for an adult in Canada from $87 to $120. It appears this has turned into an opportunity to fleece Canadians.”

A release from Masse also says, “Many Canadians, including low-income, seniors, and families can not afford to purchase these passports, and it’s time we make that right for them.”

Masse has provided Minister Hussen with two other private member’s motions on passports saying they should be considered in any audit process by the government. One would lower the cost for seniors to half-price, and the other would make passports free for veterans.