100.7 Cool FM morning man, Dave Tymo, May 18, 2018. (Photo by Adelle Loiselle)

Radio Morning Man Drinks Hoping You Won’t Drive

Cool FM morning man Dave Tymo says he wanted to make a point about drinking and driving, so with the help of LaSalle Police Services, he got drunk on the air.

“I just wanted to get the message out there that no matter what it is you’re doing this long weekend or any other weekend that you have to use your head when it comes to enjoying responsibly,” says Tymo behind the board at 100.7 FM in Windsor.

After one shot and two beers, Tymo was impaired.

Constable Harbinder Gill says a lot of people are surprised to find out how quickly they will blow over the limit.

“Consider what you have been doing all day,” says Gill noting that Tymo started drinking around 5:30am and had not eaten. “Is it a sunny, hot day? You have already dehydrated yourself. You may have eaten something; you may not have eaten something. You decide you want to go, hang out with your friends. You get in the car and drive. Not a smart choice.”

The May long weekend marks the beginning of the summer season for many people, and Gill says police across Ontario will have an increased presence on the roads and waterways watching for drivers who may be impaired.  Friday marks the end of Police Week and the start of Canadian Road Safety Week.

Tymo calls it the quickest road to poverty, and Gill agrees. He says after the cost of going through the court system, taking a remedial course, installing a breathalyzer in your vehicle, and renewing your driver’s license, the first offender could pay up to $30,000.

For those injured in a crash, the money may be the least of their problems. Windsor Regional Hospital Regional Trauma Program Manager, Diane Bradford says she sees many people whose lives are immediately changed. Bradford says the months between the Victoria Day Weekend and Labour Day Weekend account for 44% of all significant trauma cases across Canada.

“We saw 40% of all our major adult injury had alcohol in their system,” she says recalling statistics for the past fiscal year. “45% had drugs other than alcohol.”

Bradford says over the past two years, the trauma unit has seen an increase in the number of trauma cases where marijuana was a factor.

Tymo did not drive home drunk after consuming five beers and four shots. Taking his advice, he caught a ride home provided by Strickland AutoMart.