Convicted Windsor sex offender Carl Leone is again asking for full parole. May 15, 2018. (Photo by Paul Pedro)

Windsor Sex Offender Gets Extended Parole

Convicted Windsor sex offender Carl Leone has been granted a full parole hearing.

The Parole Board of Canada says a hearing to determine if Leone is ready for full parole has been ordered, but until then he will get day parole for six more months.

Leone’s leave privileges include four days in the community and three days at a halfway house.

He will have restrictions while on day parole. He can’t consume alcohol or drugs, must avoid sex trade workers, and avoid contact with any of his victims.

The 42-year-old is serving an 18-year sentence for having unprotected sex with 15 victims over a decade ago without disclosing to them that he was HIV positive.

There’s no date yet for the hearing to determine if Leone will get full parole.

His counsellor and the Correctional Service of Canada are recommending full parole saying that Leone no longer poses a risk to the community or that the risk is manageable.

The parole board notes that Leone’s eligibility date for full parole has long passed and his statutory release date is still nearly two years away.