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Orkin Takes On Fight Against Mosquitos In Windsor

If you can not enjoy your yard in the summer because of the mosquitos, Orkin Canada is offering a mosquito control program for the first time in Windsor.

Orkin Canada Area Manager, Bruno Levesque says customers have been asking more and more about ways to control the mosquitos around their home as concerns about West Nile and Zika Virus increase.

“We’ve had a lot of calls over the last several years from people wanting programs for mosquitos,” he says. “Several reports have been out there how mosquito and tick populations have been exploding exponentially.”

Levesque says it starts with an inspection of the client’s yard for any areas that contain standing water. The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit has strongly recommended residents get rid of any standing water on their properties, but there may be a few spots you may not think to look.

“Leaking facets or sprinkler systems. There could be old tree stumps that are gathering water in them where mosquitos can go and breed and lay their larvae. It could be as simple as a tire-swing for your child,” he says.

Once the standing water is removed, technicians spray vegetation that mosquitos find attractive to control the adult population.

Levesque says care is taken to minimize the impact on the environment.

“We do two options. We do have an organic option which is garlic juice,” says Levesque. “We’re very, very cautious of where we are going to mist. We would not mist blooming plants because we do not want to affect pollinators.”

The service is already offered in London, the Muskoka region, and Winnipeg. Some businesses have also been experimenting with similar methods for a couple of years, but Levesque says this is the first time a national company is offering it in the Windsor area.