Windsor West MP Takes Aim At High Gas Prices

(Photo by Jenn Durfey via Flickr)

Windsor West MP Brian Masse thinks it is time to create an Oil and Gas Ombudsman to investigate complaints of price gouging at the pumps.

Masse has introduced two motions in the House of Commons. A second would create a Petroleum Monitoring Agency to oversee gas prices across Canada. It would report directly to Parliament.

The second, the ombudsman would investigate complaints. It would also report back to Parliament with the findings.

Essex MP Tracey Ramsey says the high price of gas is especially onerous for her constituents.

“Because we live in a rural area, people in Essex generally have to travel longer distances to get to work or buy their groceries,” she says. “There is little availability for gas stations in less densely populated areas and people know they are being taken advantage of.”

One year ago, the average gas price across Canada was $1.07. As of Wednesday, the average cost per litre was $1.34 L, and $1.32 L across Ontario.

As of noon, the price of gas in Windsor was around $1.29 L.