Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation new fundraising campaign, Lock Out Cancer.

Cancer Centre Foundation Launches New Women’s Campaign

The Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation is launching a new campaign to support women diagnosed with cancer in Windsor Essex.

The Lock Out Cancer campaign will run throughout the month of May. It encourages people to buy a lock in honour themselves or a woman they know who is battling or has battled cancer.

Executive Director Houida Kassem says the funds will support all women with cancer who come through the centre.

“We did a great job with the Grow On campaign and our community stepped forward for the men in our community and so it’s time to do something for the women in our community,” says Kassem.

Kassem says around 1200 new female patients come to the Windsor Cancer Centre each year.

Two years ago, Mercedes Buhagiar-Baillie was one of those patients. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, just two months before she was supposed to get married. Since then she has received a number of chemo and radiation treatments and undergone numerous surgeries. Buhagiar-Baillie is currently in remission.

She says this campaign is important to her because of the support she received from the Cancer Centre, its staff and volunteers.

“I was so grateful to have all of their support throughout that transition,” says Buhagiar-Baillie. “I’m a very passionate person and this is something to be passionate about. I can’t help but want to advocate and tell other people how important this is.”

The campaign will end on June 3, 2018, when everyone who purchased a lock is invited to place a lock around the healing garden wall around the Windsor Cancer Centre memorial in an effort to lock out cancer.

“The idea is to get you there and collectively we empower each other. There’s strength in numbers so if you’re all there together locking out cancer I think it sends a big message to the women in our community who have been struggling,” says Kassem.

Locks can be purchased on for $55. There are also necklaces available for purchase.