ERCA Issues Flood Watch For Pelee Island

Chatham-Kent-Leamington MP Dave Van Kesteren, left, looks at the eroding western shoreline on Pelee Island with Deputy Mayor Dave Delillis, pointing, and Tim Byrne of ERCA. Photo provided by Adam Roffel.

The Essex Region Conservation Authority has issued a flood watch for Pelee Island with northwesterly winds in the forecast over the weekend.

The authority says sustained wind speeds of 20-30 km/hr could cause damage along the west shoreline of the island.

Portions of the west shoreline of Pelee Island have been significantly damaged by recent lake wind events. The existing damage includes breakwall failures, erosion and related damage to sections of the adjacent roadway. These breakwalls are vulnerable to further damage from additional westerly wind events.

Based on the predicted winds and high lake levels, there is the potential for near shore erosion with waves overtopping breakwalls. Waves overtopping the breakwalls have the potential to transport rocks and debris onto the adjacent lands.

People should take extra caution and avoid shoreline areas during wind/lake wave events.