UPDATE: Earthquake In Windsor-Essex Upgraded To 4.1 Magnitude

Location of Amherstburg Earthquake, April 19, 2018. (photo courtesy of the USGS)

The US Geological Survey (USGS) and Natural Resources Canada have confirmed that an earthquake occurred in the Windsor-Essex area Thursday evening.

The USGS first reported a 3.6 magnitude earthquake originating in Amherstburg occurred around 8pm. The magnitude was later revised upwards to 4.1 according to Natural Resources Canada.

“The epicentre of the earthquake was just outside the town core,” the Amherstburg fire department said in a statement. “Amherstburg officials and Fermi Nuclear Plant have been in contact. It is confirmed that Fermi has been shut down since the last weekend and is at no risk of damage from the earthquake. Aftershocks are possible but none have been felt so far. Anyone who has sustained a large amount of damage to property or any injuries should call 911.”

Earthquake intensity map for Amherstburg earthquake. (Photo courtesy of the USGS)

Reports on social media show that the quake could be felt throughout Essex County and parts Michigan.

“Residents might have felt their houses shake or what sounded like an explosion occur,” the Ontario Provincial Police said in a tweet. “There is no risk to public safety at this time.”

The Windsor and Amherstburg police services both said there have been no reports of damage.

According to information recorded by the USGS, the last earthquake in Amherstburg occurred on March 8, 2010, and was recorded as a 2.5 magnitude quake.