Accident at Lighthouse Rd. and Tecumseh Rd. in Lakeshore, April 17, 2018. (Photo provided by OPP)

Slippery Conditions Take Morning Commuters By Surprise

Getting to work may have taken much longer than drivers expected in Windsor-Essex.

Residents woke up Tuesday morning to a light covering snow on the roads and very slippery conditions which caused numerous accidents during the morning commute.

The Ontario Provincial Police responded to over 20 collisions between 6am and 10am Tuesday morning.

They say most of them were minor in nature and involved cars sliding off the slippery roads.

Windsor police Sergeant Steve Betteridge says officers in the city responded to ten accidents resulting in no serious injuries.

“We recognize drivers may have been caught off guard,” says Betteridge urging drivers to slow down in slippery conditions.

The EC Row Expressway near Huron Church Rd. was a hot spot around 6:30am with up to ten vehicles involved in separate collisions. The collisions involved minor injuries and severed hydro pole. Parts of the EC Row were closed for over an hour.

OPP also investigated a head-on collision on Manning Rd. and Hwy. 401 around 7am. Two people were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Manning Rd. was closed for about an hour as police investigated and cleared the scene.

A driver had a scary encounter around 8am on Lighthouse Rd. and Tecumseh Rd. when they slid through an intersection into a deep water-filled ditch. The driver was not injured.

County Rd. 22 between Patillo Rd. and East Pike Creek Rd. was another hot spot in the morning with more than 8 vehicles involved in accidents between 7am and 8am. One of the accidents involved a school bus that did not have any children on board. No injuries were reported in these collisions.

Police in Windsor also reported a crash on Walker Rd. at Foster Ave. just south of the EC Row.

The snow is expected to stop for a time Tuesday afternoon, but there is a chance the region will get more flurries in the evening.