A photo of Miranda MacDougall courtesy of miranda-macdougall.com.

Windsor Actress Gets Big Break On TV Show ‘The Flash’

Growing up in Windsor, Miranda MacDougall dreamed of a life as an actress.

“I know every actor seems to say this, but I don’t remember ever wanting to be anything else,” she says.

The Walkerville Collegiate and University of Windsor graduate made her way to the stage in Toronto, but it was in Vancouver where the actress has earned her big break, a recurring role on the TV show “The Flash”.

In episode 14 of season four, “Subject 9”, MacDougall plays Izzy Bowin, a country music star working to get her big break in the music industry, only to find herself victim to villain, Clifford Devoe, or “The Thinker”.

Fans of the DC comics will immediately pick up on the differences between MacDougall’s character, and “The Fiddler” portrayed in The Flash series.

“I did definitely read The Flash comics just to kind of get into the environment in which I was going to be playing,” says MacDougall. “So, Izzy Bowin isn’t necessarily taken from the Flash comics. However, there was a character named Isaac Bowen who was a man, and he had similar powers. What we’ve done with the show is kind of done a gender swap and updated it a little bit.”

Unlike the comic book series, The Fiddler does not ally with The Thinker but is possessed by the show’s big bad. MacDougall pulls double-duty portraying DeVoe after falling to him in battle.

“There is the main actor, who does an incredible job at playing Clifford DeVoe. I really looked to him to kind of looked to him to look at his behaviour, his gestures, the way he carries himself,” she says.

A fan of Kevin Smith movies like Chasing Amy and Clerks, MacDougall found herself working with the legendary director who took over for this past week’s episode.

“It was amazing,” MacDougall says. “He’s just a wonderful man… He knows the genre so well that you could tell there was just this bubble of absolute respect around him.”

Both of MacDougall’s roles portray metahumans as they are called in the DC universe, humans with special powers. While the Fiddler uses the power of sound, the Thinker adopts his talents from the metahumans he possesses.

“I’m not one of those people who would want to be invisible. I don’t really want to read minds,” says MacDougall pondering what kind of superpower she would want herself. “I would want to fly.”

So, having found success in Vancouver, does MacDougall ever long for Windsor-Essex? Yes.

“I was lucky to have known people here before I moved out, so it was not like jumping in totally blind. I have nothing bad to say about Vancouver. I love the people. I love the coast,” she says. “But that being said, I have pangs of missing home and missing Windsor every single day.”