UWindsor Opens New Neuropsychology Clinic

The House on Riverside, the Neuropsychology Clinic offered by the University of Windsor. April 13, 2018. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

The University of Windsor is offering a new service to the community with the opening of its neuropsychology clinic.

The clinic will be available to anyone in the community who needs an assessment for a learning disability, brain injury, or behavioural problems.

“For children, it’s usually the child is in school and having difficulty with learning, the school hasn’t been able to figure out a plan moving forward or there’s unknown concerns. So, a child with a genetic or chromosomal disorder,” says Carlin Miller, clinic supervisor. “For adults, it may be following a brain injury after having a stroke or getting into a car accident.”

Miller says the clinic offers a great service to the community and offers graduate students an opportunity for hands-on training.

“The local opportunities are fairly limited although wonderful sites. We’ve really struggled to get great placements for our students and this represents a huge improvement for them,” says Miller.

Every assessment will be supervised by a faculty member.

The services will be offered on a geared-to-income basis as assessments like this are not covered by OHIP.

“There really isn’t a low-cost option for individuals in the community,” says Miller. “For individuals who are not people of means it may be very difficult to find the funds to pay for a private assessment.”

The clinic is open and taking referrals from local doctors.

“I think we are going to be providing state of the art assessments with very highly trained graduate students and faculty supervisors,” says Miller.

The clinic is located on Riverside Dr. in the House on Riverside.