Essex-Windsor EMS Shows Heart For Cardiac Patients

Essex-Windsor EMS. (Photo by Adelle Loiselle)

Essex-Windsor Emergency Medical Services is replacing almost $2.5-million worth of defibrillator/monitors in their ambulances.

EMS Chief Bruce Krauter says the current 55 devices have reached the end of their life cycle, and the 60 new ones, of the same make and model, will continue quality patient care across the region.

Krauter says the models used in Essex-Windsor are better than most devices on the market because they don’t malfunction nearly as much.

“We found that Physio-Control, our current device, had about 1.8 malfunctions reported per year, whereas the Zoll device in those three years averaged about 316 malfunctions per year,” says Krauter.

Krauter says the devices can complete diagnostic testing, such as electrocardiograms, transmit valuable patient information from the scene to the hospital, are able to pace a patient’s heart to the correct rate, and can defibrillate a heart in cardiac arrest.

The 55 used defibrillator/monitors are being sold for $440,000, making the total purchase just under $2-million.

Krauter says he chose to stay with the Physio-Control device because it is superior to the Zoll Medical unit.

“This will allow us to transmit our data from the defibrillator directly to a cardiologist, so we can improve and expedite care for cardiology patients, and the Zoll product was not compatible,” the chief says.

Krauter says the comparisons show that the current device is far more reliable and a better value than others that could be bought.

“The Zoll measured about 47% satisfaction on the matrix, whereas Physio-Control measured around 97% compliance,” Krauter says.