File photo of counterfeit $100US bill courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / Allex

Man Charged In Counterfeit $100 Probe

A Windsor man is facing charges after police say counterfeit American cash was used at several businesses.

Police launched an investigation in late January after a convenience store on Wyandotte St. E reported that a customer had used a counterfeit $100 U..S bill at the store. Police were called again on February 23 to a restaurant on Walker Rd. and another convenience store on Seminole St. over reports of bogus American cash being used.

“Each occurrence involved counterfeit $100 United States bills which contained a foreign language written on both the front and back of each bill, which is inconsistent with United States currency,” police said in a statement issued Wednesday.

Investigators looked at surveillance video from all three businesses and determined the same man was responsible for each incident.

On Tuesday, March 6, police arrested a suspect on Reginald St. According to police, officers seized a small amount of counterfeit US cash.

A 31-year-old Windsor man is charged with four counts of possessing counterfeit money, three counts of using counterfeit money, and one count of breaching probation.

“The Windsor Police Service would like to remind the public, especially local business operators, to take the time to inspect cash transactions to ensure the legitimacy of the currency. Often times an offender will attempt to purchase a low-priced item with a large value counterfeit bill in the hopes of receiving legitimate change,” police said in the statement.