Snow plow file photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / svanhorn

UPDATE: Snow Emergency Ends Midnight Monday

The City of Windsor expects to have its snow emergency end by midnight Monday.

There are currently 23 city and contractor snow plow trucks and an additional 45 pieces of heavy equipment machinery being utilized by the city to complete the snow removal.

Plowing began Friday morning and has continued non-stop, costing the city $20,000 an hour. The city had hoped to have all residential streets plowed by Monday afternoon.

Windsor operations manager Dwayne Dawson says he knows people have been inconvenienced.

“I know it’s been stressful for residents, but I want to thank them for their patience and I want to thank all of the city and contract work crews who have worked very hard to make our streets safe,” says Dawson in a news release. “We received an extreme amount of snow and that takes time and effort to clear, but we’re confident we’ll have a handle on it by midnight.”

City officials are still asking residents not to call 311 about roads not being plowed until Tuesday. They say plows are only taking one pass down streets and a second pass will not be made to clear off snow that may have piled up along parked cars.

Municipal parking lots remain open free of charge until the snow emergency is lifted.

All sidewalks are to be cleared by abutting property owners. According to city bylaws, commercial property owners should have the sidewalks clear four hours after the snowfall ends and residential property owners should have their sidewalks cleared with 12 hours.