Kingsville council meets for its regular meeting on October 11, 2016. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Development Plan Before Kingsville Town Council

A strategy laying out a local community’s economic goals is being considered Monday night.

Kingsville Town Council will consider a motion to accept a report outlining the town’s economic development plan, which is designed to supplement their strategic plan adopted last year.

The plan includes a series of objectives between now and 2020, meeting five specific goals.

The first goal is to adopt a community-based focus, according to a draft of the report provided on the town’s official website. Objectives toward that goal include making Kingsville a destination through a marketing and media relations plan, and strategies for community improvement in Cottam and Ruthven.

The second is to grow specific business sectors, such as local and regional food, agriculture, tourism, culture, education and specialized manufacturing.

Thirdly, the town hopes to encourage a positive community business culture, according to the report. Objectives for this goal include developing peer-to-peer networks and supporting local business organizations.

Fourth is to improve municipal services in Kingsville, particularly by improving policy and procedures, as well as executing infrastructure projects.

The final goal is attracting younger professionals to Kingsville through the creation of a steering group for millennials and supporting affordable housing.

The economic development plan has been crafted through the input of public surveys as well as consultation with stakeholders and the Mayor’s Roundtable.