Liberal Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne addresses Provincial Council at Caesars Windsor on October 18, 2014. (Photo by Jason Viau)

Premier’s Town Hall Finds New Venue

After cancelling a date at the Caboto Club earlier this week, Premier Kathleen Wynne has found a new spot for next week’s town hall in Windsor.

The event will be at the St. Clair Centre for the Arts. The date has not changed. It will still be held on Thursday, February 15. The doors will open at 6pm, and the town hall meeting will get underway at 7pm.

Former CAW president Ken Lewenza Sr. will moderate the discussion.

Wynne kicked off a province-wide series of town hall meetings last November. This will be her fifth.

The premier decided to cancel the event’s booking at the Caboto Club after it came to her attention the club does not allow women on its board. There is a women’s auxiliary board, but women are not allowed to vote on club business.

Wynne has held events at the Caboto Club in the past, as has other political parties including the Ontario Progressive Conservatives who complained about the location this week.

MPP Lisa MacLeod called on the premier to cancel saying, “what kind of message does this send to little girls?”

Caboto Club General Manager Ron Moro admits he is disappointed the club finds itself in the crosshairs of a political debate between the two parties. He says while the club’s board has no plans to change the rule, that does not mean it never will.

“We’re pretty comfortable with who we are. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to change because we’re dynamic,” he says pointing out the club has been a fraternity for 93 years.

Moro insists his club is not “the bad guy”. He says it gives food to hundreds of people in need every week and has helped raise millions of dollars in the community over the years.

“We’re a very integral part of the community,” he says. “We don’t talk about it about it because we just take care of them.”