The Moose Lodge on Tecumseh Rd. February 5, 2017. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Moose Lodge Administrator Says Rent Is Being Paid

The administrator of the Moose Lodge says they have been paying their rent, just not to Panther Recycling Corporation.

In a statement to the media, Dan Batson says that Panther Recycling Corporation has not been the landlord of the Moose Lodge since 2015.

Mike Musgrove with Panther Recycling Corporation says they had a bailiff lock out his tenants on Friday because they have not paid their rent for three years.

Batson says their lawyer is in contact with their landlord, who is not Panther Recycling Corporation. He is adamant the Moose Lodge will reopen shortly once this situation has been worked out.

A call by to the organization’s lawyer has not been returned.