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Windsor Residents Getting Interim Property Tax Bills

Windsor residents will soon deal with one of the certainties of life — taxes.

The City of Windsor has mailed out its interim property tax bills for 2018.

The financial services department says the bill is approved for half of all property taxes paid in 2017, consistent with previous years. Most property owners will see an adjustment on their tax bills under the heading “2018 Interim Tax Cap Adjustment”.

Any changes resulting from the MPAC assessment will be reflected in the final property tax bill, set to be mailed in June.

The city is asking that anyone who does not receive their interim property tax bills by Monday, February 5, or anyone who has a question about the amount, to call (519) 255-2489 or 311.

Failure to receive a tax bill in the mail does not excuse residents from paying. The city says late payments may be subject to additional penalties and interest.

Property owners who are having trouble keeping up with their property tax payments are strongly encouraged to seek help. Lower cost financing options are available through most banks and credit unions.

The city also provides assistance through a tax repayment program, which is available for all property tax owners in the city. There are also tax relief programs for single-family residential owners who meet certain criteria.

The city’s official website has complete information about due dates and payment methods.