Mixed Bag Of Weather Moving Through Region

Mother Nature is having some wild mood swings in southwestern Ontario.

Environment Canada is tracking a system of mixed precipitation dominating the region Friday. By Saturday morning, southwestern Ontario will have had rain, freezing rain and snow, with some areas getting more than others.

Severe weather specialist, Geoff Coulson says a strong mass of cold air is responsible.

“A very short cold front sweeping through southern Ontario is causing a very dramatic change in the temperature,” says Coulson. “We started off… in double-digits…and we’re expecting those temperatures to keep falling during the course of the afternoon.”

As the morning commute finished, plain rain changed to freezing rain, and then snow.  Snow accumulations are expected to be minor, around 2 cm to 4 cm.

Any precipitation is expected to end by early Saturday morning, then the temperatures will drop even further. Coulson says it will be significant.

“Not necessarily the same depth of cold that we had with that cold snap from Boxing Day into the first week of January, but still much colder than where we would be for this time of year,” says Coulson.

Environment Canada says temperatures will be colder in the London area, with Saturday night lows flirting with -18 C.

Double-digit lows are expected into the middle of next week across the region.