(File photo courtesy of Wonka123 via morgueFile)

Investigation Underway After Girl Attacked By Pit Bull

A grandmother wants a dog euthanized after her granddaughter was attacked at a sleepover on the weekend.

Karma Jariett, 6,of Windsor has severe injuries to her face and leg from where the pit bull attacked her.

Her grandmother, Pamela Robertson, says she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“I walked into a nightmare, my granddaughter was sitting on the couch holding a towel on her cheek which did not hide the lacerations and the extent of the damage,” says Robertson.

Robertson says this is a house she and her granddaughter have visited in the past. On previous visits, the dog was either in a kennel or on a leash away from visitors.

“Which tells me that the owners know that this dog can be a little off, that they need to do that,” says Robertson.

Robertson says since the incident, she hasn’t gotten a clear answer about the dog but she’d like to see it euthanized or brought to a place where it will not be around another child.

“The breed of the dog matters not to me, it matters that this was a vicious dog attack and the people who own the dog are trying to hide the dog and save the dog,” says Robertson.

City of Windsor bylaw enforcement has confirmed it is investigating the incident and could deem the dog a dangerous animal. However, the city cannot order the dog to be euthanized — that would be up to the courts.

Robertson says her granddaughter has been very brave throughout the entire ordeal.

“We find our strength in her, she has been smiling through everything, she’s been positive and every day is a little bit different,” says Robertson.

Robertson says at this point they are not sure what the recovery process will look like or if Karma will need to have physical therapy or any further surgeries.