Vets Cab drivers parked outside of the CAW Local 195 hall, as they voted on a new contract, May 23, 2013.

Windsor Woman Felt Threatened By Irate Cab Driver

A Windsor woman says she was verbally accosted and thrown out of a cab by the driver on a frigid New Year’s Eve night.

Star Alsalom says she called a Vets Cab that night to her east Windsor home for herself, her sister and her girlfriend, who were on their way to a bar that was four or five blocks away.

When the ride began, the 20-year-old questioned why the cab fare was already around the $4 mark. Alsalom says the driver immediately became offended and started swearing at them, adding that they felt threatened.

“Immediately his tone was very loud and stopped the car very dramatically at the end of our street,” says Alsalom.

Alsolom says they were not drunk, even though the driver assumed they were.

“We didn’t have a sip of alcohol or nothing like that. We just wanted to take a taxi to a place we wanted to enjoy for New Year’s,” Alsalom says.

She told the driver that he was very unprofessional and that’s when she says he became irate and they got kicked out of the taxi. Alsalom says the three girls were not wearing jackets and were in high heels.

“I was very upset because I didn’t know why he was talking to us in a very angry tone and kept telling us to get out of the car. [He said] I’m not going to deal with this, I have much better people to deal with right now,” says Alsalom.

An audio recording of the incident was provided to Blackburn News and can be heard below.

(WARNING: Audio may be offensive to some)

Alsalom says her brother had to come and pick them up about five minutes away from home in -15 C weather without the windchill.

The 20-year-old woman is filing a formal complaint with Vets Cab, is talking with her lawyer and wants the taxi driver fired.

Vets Cab tells Blackburn News that it is trying to find out what happened that night and should have more to say when an investigation is complete.