Lydia Miljan, associate professor of political science at the University of Windsor, serves as a panelist for a viewing party of the first 2016 US presidential debate held in Windsor on September 26, 2016. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Is Political Change In The Air In Windsor-Essex?

A political science professor at the University of Windsor says voters in Windsor-Essex have some soul searching to do.

Lydia Miljan says the three local New Democrat MPPs have not performed very well over the last term and if voters want change, they’ll have to make some tough choices over the next few months.

Miljan says the campaign slogan for any party must be jobs, jobs, jobs.

“I don’t hear a lot from them locally about these major issues. What are their plans for job recovery,” says Miljan.

Miljan believes local NDP MPP’s could suffer because they’re backing too many micro issues that are not relevant to mainstream voters.

“Opposition MPP’s just don’t have that kind of luxury to say they’ve delivered on any substantive goodies and so the case is that much more difficult for them,” the professor says.

Miljan says our area is being hurt because we don’t have enough of a voice in government or at the cabinet table like we had years ago.

“Even if we had one person from this region who made it to cabinet, that would be a strong voice to at least advocate for us,” Miljan says.

Most polls show the Ontario Liberals trail the Conservatives despite trying to buy the youth vote with a minimum wage increase and free medications for those 24 and under. Some polls even put the Liberals in third behind the New Democratic Party.

The latest Angus Reid poll shows that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne remains the least popular provincial leader in the country. The poll shows that she has a 20% approval rating.

The provincial election is on or before June 7 and Miljan admits that anything can happen, even another Liberal comeback to stay in power.