Erika Vitale, manager of infection prevention and control, CEO David Musyj

More Flu At Windsor Regional Hospital But Better Results

Windsor Regional Hospital is reporting that this year’s flu cases are outpacing last year, but the hospital is dealing with the flu season better.

Manager of Infection Prevention and Control Erika Vitale says there were 50 patients with the flu from November to March, but there are already 21 flu cases at the hospital with about three months left in the flu season. Last year, Windsor Regional Hospital was at over capacity for several weeks in December and January because of a flu outbreak in long-term care homes.

Vitale says most of the cases have been reported over the last two weeks and the flu season is just hitting its stride.

“What we tend to see is the flu starting to peak around the first two weeks in January. So, I think we have more cases yet to come,” says Vitale.

She says funding from the local health integration network for more beds has helped deal with the extra patient volume.

“That’s been very helpful, and we do have a special unit that’s been opened up for patients that are waiting for nursing home availability,” Vitale says.

She urges people to stay home if they have the flu or a common cold.

“Rest, drink lots of fluids and avoid others, clean your hands, cover your cough, please don’t come to work and don’t visit anyone who may be sick in the hospital right now,” says Vitale.

She reminds people that it’s not too late to get a flu shot and it takes about two weeks for it to become effective.