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Successful First Four Months For LaSalle Transit

Just as fares will be introduced on LaSalle’s new bus route, the town says the first four months have been very successful.

A release from the Town of LaSalle says the service provided more than 13,000 rides since September 5.

“We are pleased with LaSalle Transit and have received many positive comments from our residents,” says Mayor Ken Antaya.

Transit Windsor Executive Director, Pat Delmore echoes Antaya’s sentiments saying, “Passengers are pleased with the ability to travel to and from the Town of LaSalle with the ability to connect with buses that go anywhere across the City of Windsor.”

Starting January 2, riders will have to pay $3 per ride. It’s the same fare charged on other Transit Windsor routes.

The bus runs from 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday. Two buses cover the route during the weekday peak hours. One bus operates during the off-peak hours and on Saturday.