Heavy rain in Windsor-Essex caused flooding across many roadways in the region, also affecting homes and businesses on September 29, 2016. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Six To Eight Month Wait For Basement Flooding Subsidy Program

The City of Windsor wants more residents to choose the fast-track option for getting their basements ready for the next big flood.

So far, the city has had 3,700 applications for the traditional basement flooding protection subsidy program, but it is taking six to eight months for a city inspector to come out to each home to pre-approve the funding.

“There are only a handful of city inspectors available to tackle the thousands of requests,” says City Engineer, Mark Winterton. “We’re adding more, but it takes time.”

Over 1,000 have chosen the fast-track option which does not require an inspector to come out before the city before the work starts. Homeowners just have to get an assessment from a licensed plumber. Eligibility for the subsidy is decided after the work is done when a building inspector comes out.

Details of the subsidy program are available on the city’s website.