PC leader Patrick Brown speaks at the Windsor Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce AGM, December 7, 2017. Photo by Maureen Revait

PC Leader Supports New Hospital

Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown says his party’s platform will do a lot to help residents and businesses in Windsor-Essex.

Brown spoke Thursday at the Annual General Meeting of the Windsor Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce. He promised to cut taxes for middle class families and small businesses and reduce hydro rates as part of his party’s platform.

“The job creation plan I have is particularly important here. Too many young people can’t find a job in Windsor. I want to change that. You have our job creators here at the chamber feeling overwhelmed by provincial policy. They’ll actually have a partner in a Progressive Conservative government,” says Brown.

Brown also gave his full support to the new Windsor-Essex hospital project.

“As a guy who’s lived in Windsor, as someone who understands the needs here, this is long over due and let me be unequivocally clear it has my full support,” says Brown.

The next provincial election is in May, 2018.

The Windsor Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce says it plans to host each party leader as the provincial election approaches.