The Canadian Club Brand Centre on Riverside Dr. E, June 1, 2016. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Hatfield Wants Answers On Canadian Club Brand Centre

MPP Percy Hatfield wants to know what’s holding up his private members bill to allow the Canadian Club Brand Heritage Centre to sell alcohol.

The historical building closed for tours in March. The owners said it was because of an Ontario law that does not allow them to sell bottles of alcohol where they are not made.

Hatfield says he’s been told that changing the law could have implications on international trade deals.

“Could someone over there point me to the exact language or clause in some agreement that states this simple change is too much work for the Liberals to undertake?” asked Hatfield in question period.

Minister of Finance Charles Sousa says there are elements to the proposed private members bill that could set a precedents to selling alcohol outside of the LCBO.

“The owners of the heritage centre hasn’t yet even requested this. I know the member wants it and so do I but the owners have not stood up, and the owners are not guaranteeing that they will maintain it open even after we put this forward,” says Sousa. “The precedent that this would set would be precarious right across the province.”

The private members bill passed second reading seven months ago.