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Amherstburg Police Begin Vulnerable Registry

Amherstburg is joining other local communities in setting up a registry for vulnerable people.

Police are unveiling a new vulnerable person registry for Amherstburg, designed to gather information on residents who may be unable to completely care for themselves.

Elderly residents suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease and have a tendency to wander off, may be considered vulnerable. As well, people who have autism or any condition where they may require constant care, are also considered vulnerable persons.

Parents, caregivers and others may fill out an a registration form free of charge, and drop it off at the Amherstburg police station. The form asks for identifying information, along with specific notes about the person. It also asks for information on medications, identification worn and places they frequently visit.

Windsor and LaSalle are among communities in Essex County that also offer a vulnerable persons registry, which police say saves valuable time if the person is in some kind of trouble.

Forms can be picked up and dropped off at the station on Sandwich St. S. They can also be filled out online by visiting the Amherstburg Police Service website.