Snow Plow Tracking Now Available

When winter weather rears its ugly head, residents in Windsor can now track snow plow and salt truck activity.

Through the city’s open data page, residents can see which roads have been plowed and when.

“People want to see where the trucks have been, that the roads are being plowed, what the routes are so we’ve opened that up,” says Dwayne Dawson, executive director of operations with the City of Windsor.

He says all of the information on the web page will be delayed by 30 minutes.

“When a [winter weather] event starts, the app will turn on and as soon as the trucks are turned on and running there will be a half hour delay between what you see on the screen and what’s actually happening,” says Dawson.

Each week the data will be collected and archived through the Open Data page.

“It will contain information about the location of the truck, speed of the truck, whether the plow is up or down, whether we are applying salt, whether we have the wing plow up or down. It has a lot of different information that people could use,” says Dawson.

The open data site can be found here. It will be activated each time there is a winter weather event.