(File photo courtesy of braindance via morgueFile)

OPP Warn Drivers Watch For Deer

So far this month, the Ontario Provincial Police says it has investigated 19 crashes involving deer in Essex County, so it has issued a warning.

Luckily, no one was hurt in those reported collisions, and police would like to keep it that way.

The OPP says deer are especially active in the hours from sunset to midnight, and again just before dawn. Drivers are asked to be careful driving at night and use their high beams so long as there is no oncoming traffic. The brighter light helps illuminate their eyes if they are near the road.

Police also say it is a good idea to slow down, so you have more time to react if you see a deer on the road. If you can not stop in time, do not veer. Stay in your lane.

They also say if you see one deer, there is a good chance others are nearby because deer travel in herds.

If you are in a crash involving a deer and are hurt or the damage to your vehicle exceeds $2,000, you must report it to the police.