Kingsville Fire and Rescue logo on the side of fire truck. Photo taken January 11, 2014. (Ricardo Veneza)

Kingsville Fire: Don’t Burn Leaves

With autumn leaves falling, a local fire department reminds residents that they don’t belong in the fire pit.

Kingsville Fire and Rescue has put out a reminder via Twitter that there are bylaws in the town concerning open burning, and residents may be tempted to dispose of leaves by burning them, rather than bagging them.

The fire department is telling residents that open burning for certain items cannot take place without a permit. Burning of any sort without the proper constraints or precautions may result in the spreading of flames, which may affect property or life.

According to the town’s bylaws, there are three classifications for open burning:

  • Note 1 allows a small, contained fire to be used for cooking on a grill or in a barbecue pit. An outdoor appliance for this purpose is also allowed and does not require a permit.
  • Note 2 allows anyone 16 years of age or older to set an open fire on agricultural-zoned property for the purpose of burning the remains of crops. Plastics, nylon products, oil and insulation can not be burned. A permit is not involved but a phone call to the Kingsville Fire Department two hours before burning is required.
  • Note 3 is any other burning, including the burning of leaves. This can not take place without approval from an official such as the fire chief. If you must burn this kind of material, contact the fire department, fill out an application form for open air burning and state your case.

Permits for open burning are only issued if a fire official approves the application.

For answers to questions about the burning bylaws, call the Kingsville Fire Department at (519) 733-2313 or visit To download an application form for open burning, click here.