Police remain at the scene of a fire at 1680 Balfour Blvd. in Windsor, October 25, 2015. (Photo by Mark Brown)

Kormendy Sentenced To 11 Years In Prison

A Windsor man who was found guilty of attempted murder and arson after a fire in 2015 has been sentenced to 11 years in prison.

The fire on Balfour Blvd. seriously injured a young girl and put the lives of her mother and baby sister in jeopardy.

A judge has sentenced Kenneth Kormendy to 11 years in prison for each of the three counts of attempted murder and one year for arson, but those sentences will be served concurrently.

Crown lawyer Walter Costa, who was asking for life in prison with no chance of parole for ten years, was visibly disappointed with the sentence.

“I respectfully disagree with his honour, effectively he’s imposed a five-year sentence on a very horrific and vile conduct, so I disagree, with respect,” says Costa.

Kormendy has already spent a total of 743 days in custody, so has another seven years and 345 days to serve because each day spent in custody before sentencing is counted as 1.5 days. He will be eligible for parole after one third of his sentence is served.

Kormendy maintained his innocence during a previous hearing and also said he intends to appeal the verdict.

Defense lawyer Helen Burgess would not comment on the appeal process. However, with regards to this case she believes the sentence is fair and well reasoned.

“While this offence was obviously very horrific, Mr. Kormendy has never served a jail sentence in lengthy term before, so for somebody with his circumstances it’s appropriate,” says Burgess.

Kormendy was also ordered to pay a $1,000 victim surcharge and must submit DNA to be held on record. He is prohibited from carrying any weapons for life.