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Pro-Islam Graffiti Called ‘Hate Mongering Plot’

Red graffiti with the hashtag “Islam Will Rule the World” has been popping up around the west side of Windsor and it has police and religious groups concerned.

In a news release, the Windsor Islamic Council calls the graffiti a “malicious attempt aimed to divide our communities.”

The council says the graffiti appeared just weeks after Windsor residents helped paint off anti-Muslim graffiti that surfaced in the community. The council says it doesn’t know who is behind the graffiti, but that
“whoever is behind them intends to disturb the peace in our great city, divide our communities, and turn us against one another.”

The group says it is calling on Windsor residents to be vigilant and not to “fall into the traps of this hate mongering plot.” It is also calling on Windsor Police Service and other law enforcement agencies to fully investigate the graffiti and to “bring the perpetrators to justice as soon as possible.”

The Windsor Police Service has sent out a tweet in response to the graffiti, calling it “concerning.”