University of Windsor, January 29, 2016 (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Enrollment Up At University Of Windsor

Efforts to increase enrollment at the University of Windsor are working out better than anticipated.

The university provided its enrollment numbers for the 2017-2018 fall term Tuesday during its monthly Board of Governors meeting.

President Alan Wildeman says the total enrollment at the university for fall is close to 15,800 students, including over 1,800 part-time students.  This reverses a trend of falling enrollment that has taken place the last several years.

John Coleman, the university’s director of public affairs and communications, says the university is proud of recruiting efforts that have appeared to pay more dividends than anyone thought.

“It’s a great trend to have more than 400 more students on campus than might have been expected,” says Coleman. “It’s tremendous news and a real testament, I think, to everyone working hard at the university to make it an attractive place for students.”

Wildeman told the board Tuesday that while the majority of increased enrollment is attributed to those in graduate studies, there’s also an increase in undergrad domestic enrollment. The university has become more aggressive over the past few years recruiting students in its own backyard.

Part of the appeal of the university has been the ongoing development of its campus, along with expansion into the downtown area. Coleman says the upgrades and the growth only make the school a bigger attraction.

“I think we have a lot of really great programs, specifically graduate programs,” says Coleman. “I think people are aware that the faculty here are tremendous. It’s a great experience. We have a beautiful campus that has been transformed over the past few years.”

UW is hoping to capitalize on the increase in enrollment by inviting high school students to its fall open house on Saturday, November 4. At that time, students and their parents can learn about the school, talk to faculty and tour the campus. For further information, click here.