John R. Park Homestead Hosts Total Eclipse Of The Park

Photo courtesy of the Essex Region Conservation Authority.

If you are looking for a spot to view the upcoming solar eclipse, the Essex Region Conservation Authority has you covered.

It is hosting a family-friendly event at John R. Park Homestead and Conservation Area Monday, August 21.

On that day, North America will be treated to a rare celestial event, a total solar eclipse. Viewers in a stretch from South Carolina to Oregon will see the moon completely block out the sun.

In Southwestern Ontario, the moon is expected to block the sun by about 80%, still a spectacular display.

“The Homestead’s south shore location provides excellent viewing opportunities,” says Homestead Curator, Kris Ives. “NASA approved eclipse viewing glasses are provided to all registrants. It is important for people to know that proper eye protection must be used when viewing a solar eclipse. Standard sunglasses do not provide enough protection.”

The event will start at 1pm with an introduction to eclipses. Then those who go can enjoy light and shadow inspired activities including viewing an eclipse the old fashion way, through a pinhole projector.

The peak of the eclipse is expected to take place at 2:27pm.