Leamington Gets Ready To Replace Dock At Marina

Leamington Marina July 11th, 2014, during visit by Great Lakes Cruising Club. (Photo courtesy leamington.ca)

Leamington Town Council will be asked to take the first step towards replacing the dock at the Leamington Marina.

Monday night, councillors could approve hiring a consultant at the cost of $50,000.

Mayor John Paterson says that price tag and the cost of replacing the dock is expected to be covered by the $530,000 held over from last year’s budget for repairs. Town staff have since determined repairs are not worth it since the dock has deteriorated badly since a tornado caused significant damage at the marina in 2010.

“It was the only dock that didn’t get severe enough damage, I guess to be covered under the insurance claim,” says Paterson. “But it has certainly lived its life and is in desperate need… to be replaced.”

Insurance covered the cost of repairs to the marina, minus the dock which sustained less damage.

A new dock is expected to last 20 years.