International Film Fest Needing Help

Media City Film Festival promotional poster, June 2017. (Photo courtesy the Media City Film Festival)

A Windsor-Detroit film festival is looking for volunteers.

The Media City Film Festival is celebrating its 22nd edition this August, featuring films, performances, and events by artists from all over the world.

It is the only film fest in the world that takes place on both sides of an international border, and organizers say it is a great opportunity for students, and those interested in the arts, to meet new friends and filmmakers.

Volunteers are needed specifically as billets for artists, as drivers to pick up guests at the airport, to run ticket and merchandise tables, to help set up venues, to load and install tech equipment, and to distribute posters.

To learn more about the Media City Film Festival, and how you can get involved, visit

The first volunteer meeting in Windsor is set for July 3 at Phog Lounge on University Ave., downtown.