Chris Carr with Enersource Power Services installs an LED street light outside of St. Rose Catholic Elementary School in Windsor on December 9, 2015. (Photo courtesy City of Windsor)

Windsor Gets $2.1-Million Back For LED Street Light Conversion

A multi-year plan to convert the City of Windsor’s street lights to LED technology is starting to pay off.

Enwin Utilities CEO John Wladarski presented city council with a cheque for $2.1-million from the Independent Electricity System Operator Monday night. The IESO is a crown corporation which directs the electricity market in Ontario. The cheque is a one-time payback to offset the costs of the project.

So far, 21,400 street lights have been converted, and Wladarski says the city will realize a 62% savings on the $14-million investment. However, he says there is still other savings the city can find with LED conversion.

“What’s left are some 2,500 decorative fixtures — they will get to their own buildings as well if they haven’t already,” says Wladarski. “City parking lots and parks also have lighting that can be changed out to achieve additional savings.”

When the city made the decision to convert street lights in August 2015, it expected to save $32-million over five years.

Wladarski says there are other advantages to be realized with the new lights too.

“This technology that we have installed has the capability of overlaying a control system. That control system will allow for detection of failures or outages automatically back to a console rather than waiting for the public to call,” he says.

The LED lights are warranted for ten years but are expected to last 15, compared to the five-year life expectancy of the old lights.


— With files from Maureen Revait.