WPS Report Low Number Of Unfounded Sexual Assault Cases

BlackburnNews.com file photo of Windsor Police Services.

Windsor police say a closer look at their sexual assault figures should show victims can feel comfortable about reporting an assault.

The force reviewed their statistics after a Globe and Mail article, published last year, compared clearance rates and unfounded case rates of different police services across the country.

In the Globe and Mail report, the Windsor Police Service had the lowest number of unfounded cases at 3%. But, after an internal look at the numbers, the report to the Windsor Police Services Board shows 6% of cases have been unfounded.

“The increase didn’t come about because of any deficiencies in any investigations¬†— It was classification and duplicated cases,” says Superintendent Pam Mizuno.

Windsor police still remain the force with the lowest number of unfounded cases. ¬†The next closest police service was Durham Regional at 24%. ¬†Windsor police also boast a 37% clearance rate, and of those cases, 48% result in a charge. That’s the second highest charge rate in the province.

As a result of the review, the Windsor Police Service implemented 18 recommendations to better address sexual assault cases.

“At the end of the day there is a victim and she needs to feel or that person needs to feel believed by the police, and until evidence leads you one way or the other the most important thing is the care of that victim,” says Windsor Police Chief Al Frederick.